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application notes

Pressurized Blood Vessels
Slideshow   Interest in the physiology and pathology of the circulatory system has led to a substantial increase in the number of laboratories studying isolated and pressurized blood vessels. …
JoVE: Calcium and Cell Length
Calcium and cell length studies in adult cardiac myocytes Check out this video from researchers at the Department of Internal Medicine B, University Medicine Greifswald. Using an IonOptix Calcium and …
Optimizing Fluorescence Signal Quality
Overview Fluorescence signal quality is directly proportional to fluorescence light intensity (which is proportional to excitation light intensity, fluorescence yield of the fluorophore, and light …
Loading Fura-2 into cardiomyocytes
Many different protocols exist for loading cells with dye, due to diffences between cell types in how they treat Fura.  Below a protocol is provided that works well for freshly isolated cardiac …
Basic principles of fluorescence and ion sensing
Introduction This is a very, very basic introduction into the theory of fluorescence measurements and its practical implications as applied to experiments done using IonOptix equipment. For a thorough …
Interpolated Numerator Method
Slideshow   Introduction For dual excitation measurements with Fura-2,  we offer two methods of collecting data, interleaved sampling and the interpolated numerator (or denominator) method. …
Applications for the C-Pace system
5 years of the C-Pace: a short review   Cardiac tissue * Skeletal muscle * Stem cells * Cell-lines * Cardiogenic Fibroblasts * Neuronal fibroblasts * Osteoblasts It has been more than 5 years …
Benefits of Chronic Pacing of Cells in Culture
Slideshow   Chronic electrical stimulation has been shown to prevent the dedifferentiation of myocytes that occurs in long term culture. Pacing will maintain the rod shaped, striated morphology …
Cardiac Myocytes
Slideshow   The largest group of IonOptix users are investigators who study cardiac myocytes and want information about contractility parameters and the associated calcium transients. Our aim …
Vessel Flow Characterization
The endothelial response to flow-induced stress (e.g., the generation and secretion of nitric oxide) is an important modulator of vascular tone and function, linking vasodilation and constriction to …


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