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Calcium and Contractility in Isolated Myocytes
IonOptix is proud to offer fast real-time, turnkey systems for recording myocyte calcium and contractility.  We are unique in offering simultaneous acquisition of fluorescence photometry with digital …
Contractility in Isolated Myocytes
Due to the incredible popularity of the standard Myocyte Calcium Photometry and Contractility Systems, IonOptix is offering a reduced cost version of the system for those customers who are not …
Record Force from Isolated Cardiac Myocytes! IonOptix is proud to announce the release of our next generation MyoStretcher System, which now uses our revolutionary New Optical Force Transducer, the …
Papillary Muscle Chamber
IonOptix Papillary Muscle Chamber Force (mN) Piezo (µm) The positive-going spike indicated in the force trace represents …
C-Pace System
The new IonOptix C-Pace System is a multi-mode, multi-channel system for mechanical stretching and/or electrical stimulation of tissue and cells. It can be used with our C-Stretch for simultaneous …
Fluorescence Photometry
IonOptix is proud to offer real-time, turn-key systems for fast fluorescence photometry. Since our inception in 1990, we’ve been manufacturing scientific instruments for fast photometric …


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