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Interested in studing the effects of mechanical conditioning and electrical pacing on developing tissue? IonOptix culture pacing systems can now be equipped with our patented* C-Stretch, allowing …
Upgrading to IonWizard 6
IonOptix is proud to introduce IonWizard 6, the newest version of our coherent all-in-one acquisition and analysis software. IW6 incorporates all the features and flexibility of previous versions with …
VesAcq Vessel Dimensioning Acquisition Module
Our new VesAcq dimensioning software offers a simpler user-interface, more precise control and enhanced functionality.  VesAcq promises to make your data more reproducible, reliable and accurate. …
FloAcq Vessel Flow Characteristics Module
IonOptix’ FloAcq acquisition and recording module provides real-time indicators of arterial flow dynamics.  By acquiring the raw flow rate and inlet and outlet pressures from your myograph …
Advanced Signal Generator
IonOptix has expanded the functionality of its IonWizard core acquisition software to include increased hardware control as well as a new software module that improves the breadth of the MyoStretcher …
C-Stim CMC Microscope Chamber System
Slideshow   The C-Stim from Cell MicroControls (CMC) is a superfusion chamber system for microscopy studies. It incorporates several substantial improvements over existing chamber designs. The …
FHD Microscope Chamber System
The FHD Microscope Chamber System is a newly designed chamber system to perfuse and stimulate cardiac myocytes that are studied on the microscope. The FHD chamber system uses simple disposable 25mm …
Motic AE31 Photometry and Dimensioning Microscope
The IonOptix-configured Motic AE31 inverted microscope provides an ideal platform for combined photometry and dimensioning measurements.  This microscope has been engineered to incorporate various …


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