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Contractility in Isolated Myocytes

Myocyte Contractility System

Due to the incredible popularity of the standard Myocyte Calcium Photometry and Contractility Systems, IonOptix is offering a reduced cost version of the system for those customers who are not interested in acquiring fluorescence data but would like to capture cell and/or sarcomere length.

IonOptix Myocyte Contractility Systems are complete systems that include everything for the visualization, measurement and analysis of cellular geometry. Our system includes the MyoCam-S, a fast digital dimensioning video camera. The system also includes our IonWizard core and analysis software along with EDGACQ and SARACQ software modules, enabling real-time cell length and sarcomere length acquisition. We can interface our system with an existing microscope or supply the microscope as part of the system. To provide a complete system for physiological measurements we also supply a number of peripheral items including digital field stimulators, chambers and heaters. All components are engineered to work as part of a complete and integrated workstation. This approach enables precise, synchronous data acquisition. Follow the components link for more information.

As with all of our systems, we stand behind our products. We offer optional installation and training on our Contractility Systems. When we install our systems we use your preparations to help get you started as quickly as possible. And when you need assistance we offer unlimited phone and email support for the lifetime of your system.

Simultaneous acquisition of cell length (top) and sarcomere length (bottom) with IonWizard.


Detailed Brochure: Contractility Only Myocyte System

Overview: Contractility Only Myocyte System


Note: This product is intended for research purposes only. It is not certified for clinical applications (including diagnostic purposes). Use of this product in uncertified applications is in violation of FDA regulations.


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