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Blood Vessels


< Back to Applications SOLUTIONS FOR BLOOD VESSEL RESEARCH Blood flows within vessels throughout the body, carrying nutrients and metabolic end products to vital tissues. Precise control of blood pressure and flow is critically important to vascular function. Vasodilation (the relaxation of smooth muscle within vessel walls leading to vessel dilation, reduced blood flow and decreased blood pressure) and vasoconstriction (the constriction and narrowing of [...]

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Tissue Culture


< Back to Applications SOLUTIONS FOR TISSUE CULTURE RESEARCH Proper maintenance of many cell types in culture extends beyond temperature and media. Electro-stimulation can be used in conjunction with normal tissue culture conditions to help maintain cellular phenotype or induce differentiation from progenitor cell populations. Several groups have shown that stimulated mechanical activity of cardiac myocytes in culture allows them to retain their phenotype while also [...]

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Muscle Tissue


< Back to Applications SOLUTIONS FOR MUSCLE TISSUE ASSAYS Lying between single cell and whole heart experimental studies, intact papillary muscle isolated from hearts offers unique advantages. Unlike single isolated myocytes, which represent the smallest fully functional model system, intact papillary muscle can be used to study cardiac function within a multicellular context and an intact 3-dimensional myofilament lattice. And unlike whole heart studies, the [...]

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Isolated Myocytes


< Back to Applications SOLUTIONS FOR ISOLATED MYOCYTES Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the industrialized world. The development of heart disease and, in turn, heart failure is most often a consequence of dysfunction within individual heart muscle cells, or cardiomyocytes. Individual cardiomyocytes represent the smallest fully functional model system of heart muscle that can be examined for ion regulation, force production, relaxation function, [...]

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