Programmed Length Changes w Force

Advanced Signal Generator

Advanced Signal Generator is a full suite of programmable mechanical protocols that allows users to drive fast cell length changes when coupled to the MyoStretcher’s piezo-driven length controller.

Automatic Cell Finder

The MultiCell Automated Cell Finder enables users to load a sample, walk away, and come back to as many as hundreds of measured cells
IonOptix C-Pace Navigator Window

C-Pace Navigator

The new C-Pace Navigator software allows users to operate both the C-Dish and C-Stretch with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to customize stretch and stimulation protocols.

IonWizard – Core and Analysis

The IonWizard core software provides the foundation for seamless integration of any variety of software modules, along with features like transient averaging and analysis, trace display, and analog input and output.
VesAcq Interface

VesAcq Vessel Dimensioning Acquisition Module

VesAcq is a module for those performing experiments with isolated perfused vessels. It provides reliable calculation and reporting of vessel measurements, offering valuable features such as multiple ROIs, line averaging, and auto-gained contrast.