A complete data acquisition system for diameter & fluorescence measurements, as well as flow characterization in pressurized vessels

We have equipped our Blood Vessel System for simultaneous measurements of pressurized blood vessel fluorescence and diameter.  By visualizing the blood vessel on the microscope, IonOptix’ new vessel-specific dimensioning software, VesAcq, can track the outer and/or luminal diameters, wall thickness and cross-sectional area of the blood vessel from the digitized frame while simultaneously recording quantitative fluorescence, most commonly from calcium probes.  Our new FloAcq software provides real-time measurements of important arterial flow properties such as shear stress and vascular resistance, such as vasoconstriction, vessel constriction, myogenic tone and vasodilation.

Vessel Calcium, Diameter and Flow System

Typical Vessel Calcium, Diameter and Flow System with IonWizard acquisition module

We will work with the manufacturer of your myograph system to provide an integrated workstation capable of precise, synchronized data acquisition. Using our FSI interface box and a system that allows the pressurization of microvessels we can provide real-time recording of all vessel myograph outputs, including pressure, force, temperature and pH, as well as calcium and diameter. We can interface our system with an existing microscope or supply the microscope as part of the system.

As with all of our systems, we stand behind our products. When we install our complete systems we use your preparations to help get you started as quickly as possible. And when you need assistance we offer unlimited phone and email support for the lifetime of your system.


  • Simultaneous and real-time acquisition of calcium and diameter measurements and/or characterization of flow properties

  • Integrates with your pressure myography system to provide real-time pressure data acquisition

  • Measures inner/outer vessel diameter, left/right/average wall thickness, inner/outer/cross-sectional area, media-to-lumen ratio

  • Characterizes flow with mean pressure, flow velocity, vessel wall shear stress, vascular resistance, Reynolds number (Re)


Vessel systems consist primarily of a digital vessel camera, microscope, and fluorescence components. Our systems can interface with a variety of external components, such as pressure myography chambers.

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Motic AE31

The IonOptix-configured Motic AE31 inverted microscope provides an ideal platform for combined photometry and dimensioning measurements.  This microscope has been engineered to incorporate various unique IonOptix optical components and connectors in order to operate as the imaging component within our systems.  LEARN MORE

LED Light Source

The fluorescence excitation light source is chosen with your specific research needs in mind and can be configured for almost any dye or combination of dyes. Options include the ultra-fast HyperSwitch, monochromatic LEDs, or the more affordable MuStep.  LEARN MORE

IonOptix Vescam

Vessel geometry is measured using the VesCam, and fluorescence photometry is measured with a photomultiplier tube (PMT). A flow meter can also be added to measure flow properties in conjunction with your vessel chamber pressure measurements. LEARN MORE

Fluorescence System Interface

The FSI ties the system components together by communicating between hardware and the computer, allowing for synchronous control of vessel dimension, calcium, and/or flow measurements as well as inputs and outputs for external devices. LEARN MORE


IonOptix provides a full suite of software acquisition modules for all your vessel measurement needs. Use VesAcq to track vessel dimension, while simultaneously recording quantitative fluorescence with PMTAcq and/or arterial flow properties with FloAcq. All of these can be synchronized with external signals (such as inlet/outlet pressure from a myograph chamber) using IonWizard trace recording.

Intact Muscle Chamber System

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