The Multicell High Throughput System is an advanced, fully-automated solution for identification and mechanical phenotype quantification of hundreds of myocytes per hour.

The MultiCell HTS system offers high-speed, high-content mechanical myocyte data acquisition from hundreds of myocytes per hour by using our automated cell finding image analysis method. The system includes a fast x-y-z position programmable scanning microscope which can mark and find position, size, focus and orientation of myocytes enabling repeated measures of contraction-relaxation function. Additionally, the enclosed microscope maintains stable temperature while allowing full access for introduction of perfusion systems as well as electrical stimulation leads.

While studies utilizing IonOptix’ standard Calcium and Contractility systems have proven extremely valuable for many years, higher throughput is required to accommodate faster drug discovery and a growing motivation in basic research toward rapid, large scale data collection and analysis. Isolated myocytes display a high degree of functional variability, which can result in poor characterization of key parameters calculating myocyte dynamics. Acquiring data from a much greater number of myocytes provides the statistical power to characterize myocyte function with greater accuracy and confidence. In the pharmaceutical setting, this is a significant enhancement in phenotype quantification as it expedites assessment of drug efficacy/toxicity and greatly reduces costs by eliminating dangerous or marginal compounds.

Every technical detail of the MultiCell HTS has been thoroughly considered to maintain the highest level of precision while maintaining a positive and realistic user experience in the lab. Batch analysis enables fast, automated characterization from hundreds of cells, while still characterizing all of the same important parameters found in IonWizard’s core analysis. Double exponential fitting improves data fitting of calcium re-uptake and subsequent tau calculations, an important parameter used to describe sodium-calcium exchange and SERCA activity. MultiCell HTS offers the same thorough acquisition and analysis that our users expect from an IonOptix system at much higher acquisition and analysis rates.

As with all of our systems, we stand behind our products. When we install our complete systems we use your preparations to help get you started as quickly as possible. And when you need assistance we offer unlimited phone and email support for the lifetime of your system.


  • Measure sequentially from hundreds of cells per hour

  • Mark cell positions for repeated measures

  • Fast batch analysis with automated transient marking and rejection

  • Automated cell finding and recording

  • Precise temperature control

MultiCell Lite

MultiCell Lite

MultiCell Lite is a more affordable option that is available as an upgrade to existing Calcium and Contractility systems or as a standalone system. Consisting of a motorized stage on an inverted microscope, MultiCell Lite offers the same software features as MultiCell (repeated measurements, automated cell finding and recording) with faster data collection than a standard Calcium and Contractility system at a lower cost than the full MultiCell.

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MultiCell High Throughput Systems can be configured to meet your specific needs. Excitation light sources and optics are customized to any fluorescent probe, and systems can include balanced flow perfusion and multi-well or single-well dishes depending on your application. With the new MyoCam-S3, square pixels allow for digital rotation and an sCMOS sensor yields high frame rates.

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Motic AE31

Choose between the enclosed CytoCypher microscope for the full MultiCell system, or an inverted microscope for the MultiCell Lite.

LED Light Source

The fluorescence excitation light source is chosen with your specific research needs in mind and can be configured for almost any dye or combination of dyes. Options include the ultra-fast HyperSwitch, monochromatic LEDs, or the more affordable MuStep.  LEARN MORE

MyoCam S3

The sensors within MultiCell systems are responsible for translating cellular signal into data. Cell contractility is measured using the high-speed MyoCam-S3 digital camera, and whole-cell fluorescence photometry is measured with a photomultiplier tube (PMT).  LEARN MORE

IonOptix MyoPacer

The field stimulator is an important component of excitation-contraction studies to provide acute stimulation of cells. Use either the MyoPacer for simple stimulation protocols or the MyoPacer EP for advanced sequencing and arrhythmic stimulation.  LEARN MORE

IonOptix Fluorescence System Interface

The FSI ties the MultiCell system components together by communicating between hardware and the computer, allowing for synchronous control of contractility and/or calcium measurements as well as inputs and outputs for external devices.  LEARN MORE

Perfusion System

A variety of dish types and stimulation/perfusion lids can be used, in combination with the CytoCypher Balanced Flow Perfusion System.  LEARN MORE


IonWizard seamlessly integrates the familiar calcium and contractility trace recording with new modules for MultiCell acquisition and automatic cell finding and recording.

With the new IonWizard 7 you can perform advanced sequencing functionality, allowing you to easily set up MultiCell and regular experiments by creating epoch loops. Also, in the event of a software crash, cell positions are saved and data files can be recovered.

In addition to IonWizard, seven modules are included with the MultiCell system to create a turn-key, high-throughput system.

Intact Muscle Chamber System

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