CytoCypher Perfusion System

Our high throughput MultiCell system enables testing for many compounds on your myocytes. This requires adding compounds without disturbing the cells. For this purpose, IonOptix in partnership with CytoCypher developed a pump system that can address multiple wells individually and provide precise flow rates (0.1-20 ml/minutes) and laminar flow.

Features and Specifications

  • Three Pumps, two for adding solutions to the well, one to remove solution
  • Fits syringes of 1, 5, 10, 25 or 50ml
  • A balanced flow, so no need for vacuum suction to remove excess solutions!
  • Flow rates of 0.1±1.5% ml/min to 20±1.5% ml/min (for a 10 ml syringe)
  • Address up to 6 individual wells with two different compounds, or one well with up to 12 compounds
  • Works with intuitive CyFlo Perfusion Pump Control software
Perfusion System

Note: This product is intended for research purposes only. It is not certified for clinical applications (including diagnostic purposes). Use of this product in uncertified applications is in violation of FDA regulations.

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