Record Force from Isolated Cardiac Myocytes!

IonOptix is proud to announce the release of our next generation MyoStretcher System, which now uses our revolutionary New Optical Force Transducer, the OptiForce. Designed specifically for force measurement in cardiomyocytes, it is now the most sensitive system on the market for measuring isolated myocyte force! Easily measure ESFLR and EDFLR.

We’ve developed the MyoStretcher with a focus on simplicity, ease-of-use, and reliability. The MyoStretcher includes all of the necessary components to stretch as well as record force in isolated myocytes. In addition to the sensitive force transducer, motorized micro-manipulators and all component fittings, we also offer an optional piezo-electric translator for programmable stretching, a kit to facilitate attachment of glass rods to the MyoStretcher arms, and optional patented* concave glass rods optimized to improve attachments of isolated myocytes.

Use the MyoStretcher to investigate:

  • Accurate diastolic calcium
  • Auxotonic and isometric contractions
  • Length-dependent activation
  • Force‐velocity relationship
  • Workloops in single cells

Conveniently, the MyoStretcher can be configured as a stand-alone system or as a modular add-on for your existing IonOptix Myocyte Calcium and Contractility System.  And as always, every system comes with on-site installation and training so you can get up and running with your new equipment as soon as possible!

Check out our MyoStretcher and Measuring Work Loops Webinars for more info on this application!


  • Measure shortening and calcium under physiologic load

  • Measure force development in a single myocyte down to sub-nN resolution

  • Programmable stretch protocols

  • Fast-feedback length motor enables work loops to mimic the cardiac cycle


MyoStretcher systems are highly customizable depending on the specific research application. Micromanipulators with glass rods and MyoTak are all that is needed for passive stretch experiments. Add the highly sensitive OptiForce transducer for force measurements, and the piezo-electric motor for programmable length control. For very sensitive applications, such as Work Loops, a stable post configuration is available to reduce signal noise. And the MyoStretcher is available as a modular add-on to Calcium and Contractility systems for measurement of force, calcium release, and cell shortening simultaneously.

BROWSE THE TABS to learn more about the components that complete this system.

Motic AE31

IonOptix-configured inverted microscopes provide an ideal platform for combined photometry and dimensioning measurements. These microscopes have been engineered to incorporate various unique IonOptix optical components and connectors in order to operate as the imaging component within our Calcium and Contractility Systems. Choose between the Motic AE31 or the Olympus IX73 depending on your application.  LEARN MORE

LED Light Source

The fluorescence excitation light source is chosen with your specific research needs in mind and can be configured for almost any dye or combination of dyes. Options include the ultra-fast HyperSwitch, monochromatic LEDs, or the more affordable MuStep.  LEARN MORE

MyoCam S3

The sensors within the Calcium and Contractility system are responsible for translating cellular signal into data. Cell contractility is measured using the high-speed MyoCam-S3 digital camera, and whole-cell fluorescence photometry is measured with a photomultiplier tube (PMT). For cleaner fluorescence signals, the Cell Framing Adapter allows you to frame a cell of interest and reduce background fluorescence.  LEARN MORE

IonOptix MyoPacer

The field stimulator is an important component of excitation-contraction studies to provide acute stimulation of cells. Use either the MyoPacer for simple stimulation protocols or the MyoPacer EP for advanced sequencing and arrhythmic stimulation.  LEARN MORE

IonOptix Fluorescence System Interface

The FSI ties the Calcium and Contractility system components together by communicating between hardware and the computer, allowing for synchronous control of contractility and/or calcium measurements as well as inputs and outputs for external devices.  LEARN MORE

Rotational Chamber

Cells must be maintained in an appropriate chamber environment during experiments. For MyoStretcher systems, a rotational version of the FHD chamber is available that makes it easier to orient cells for mechanical loading.

IonOptix MyoStretcher

For simple MyoStretcher configurations, an economical rail option is available that is compatible with most microscope types.

Stable Post-Configuration

For experiments where stability is essential, such as work loops, the stable post configuration provides an extremely secure platform for your MyoStretcher measurements.

IonOptix Optiforce

Designed as a core part of our MyoStretecher system, the IonOptix OptiForce is a revolutionary optical fiber interferometry-based force transducer specially designed to detect the nanoscopic forces from single isolated cardiac cells. It offers two major advantages over existing technologies: sensitivity and speed, with detection limits down in the low nanoNewtons and a frequency response above 3kHz. LEARN MORE

Piezo Motor

Piezo motor

With the piezoelectric motor for length control, you can specify cell length changes as percentage or absolute changes and use programmable wave to wave amplitude and duration changes to customize the stretch waveform.


IonWizard for MyoStretcher users combines all the needed modules into one easy-to-control interface. In addition to the intuitive contractility settings, users can enable the Advanced Signal Generator to stretch cells according to any desired waveform, measured in absolute cell length or percent change.

Add MultiClamp to mimic the cardiac cycle by clamping at a specified pre-load and after-load level and you’ll have everything you need for high-content characterization of myocyte physiology at your fingertips in IonWizard.

In addition to IonWizard, five modules are associated with the MyoStretcher System… learn more about each of these modules below.

Intact Muscle Chamber System


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MyoStretcher System

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