COMING SOON! – Cardiac Slice System

a complete data acquisition and analysis system for calcium, force, and mechanical work in cardiac slices

a budget-friendly system for contractility measurements in spontaneously beating hiPSC-CM and other amorphous myocytes

IonOptix Calcium-Contractility System

a turn-key, bench-top solution offering simultaneous acquisition of fluorescence photometry with digital cell geometry measurement for studying myocyte function

IonOptix C-Pace System

a multi-mode, multi-channel system for mechanical stretching and/or electrical stimulation of tissue and cells

Cytiocypher by IonOptix

our advanced, fully-automated solution for identification and mechanical phenotype quantification of hundreds of myocytes per hour

MyoStretcher System

market leading sensitivity and performance for stretch-force protocols with isolated cardiomyocytes

IonOptix Intact Muscle Chamber System

our complete data acquisition system for simultaneous calcium and force in excitable muscle preparations

IonOptix Blood Vessel System

a turn-key solution for diameter & fluorescence measurements, as well as flow characterization in pressurized vessels

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