Calcium and Contractility System – A turnkey, bench-top solution offering simultaneous acquisition of fluorescence photometry with digital cell geometry measurement for studying myocyte function

IonOptix is proud to offer the Calcium and Contractility System- high speed and high content industry leading systems for recording myocyte calcium and contractility. Uniquely, all systems offer simultaneous acquisition of fluorescence photometry with digital cell geometry measurements.

System components have been designed and engineered to work as part of a complete and integrated workstation. This approach enables precise, synchronous data acquisition. The systems are fully integrated and installed on-site, so that the researcher can be up to speed within days of delivery. More than a general fluorescence system, our systems enable investigators to acquire isolated cardiomyocyte cell length and sarcomere spacing with their calcium data.

  • Calcium and Contractility System
  • Myocyte Calcium and Contractility System

Typical C&C System with MyoPacer cell stimulator, HyperSwitch and IonWizard acquisition module

As with all of our systems, we stand behind our products. When we install your Calcium and Contractility System we use your preparations to help get you started as quickly as possible. And when you need assistance we offer unlimited phone and email support for the lifetime of your system.


  • Complete, turn-key system

  • Simultaneous, synchronized calcium photometry and cell shortening measurements

  • Suitable for a variety of cell types, such as adult cardiomyocytes, skeletal muscle, and iPSC-CMs

  • Fast, quantitative calcium

  • Software suite includes intuitive transient analysis

  • Customizable to your specific research needs


Systems are offered with any of our three excitation light sources, depending on your application: LEDs, the HyperSwitch or the µStep. Single, dual excitation and dual emission photometry is offered to cover all possible fluorescence probes with acquisition rates up to 1000Hz.

Photometry acquisition rates are dependent on the light source and probe. Our MyoCam-S3 provides up to 1000Hz cell dimension measurements, including simultaneous cell and sarcomere length recording. Our Fluorescence System Interface also permits the simultaneous acquisition of up to 4 channels of 12-bit analog data at a default rate of 1000Hz.

We can interface our system with an existing microscope or supply the microscope as part of the system. To provide a complete system for physiological measurements we also supply a number of peripheral items including digital field stimulators, chambers and heaters.

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Motic AE31

IonOptix-configured inverted microscopes provide an ideal platform for combined photometry and dimensioning measurements. These microscopes have been engineered to incorporate various unique IonOptix optical components and connectors in order to operate as the imaging component within our Calcium and Contractility Systems. Choose between the Motic AE31 or the Olympus IX73 depending on your application.  LEARN MORE

LED Light Source

The fluorescence excitation light source is chosen with your specific research needs in mind and can be configured for almost any dye or combination of dyes. Options include the ultra-fast HyperSwitch, monochromatic LEDs, or the more affordable MuStep.  LEARN MORE

MyoCam S3

The sensors within the Calcium and Contractility system are responsible for translating cellular signal into data. Cell contractility is measured using the high-speed MyoCam-S3 digital camera, and whole-cell fluorescence photometry is measured with a photomultiplier tube (PMT). For cleaner fluorescence signals, the Cell Framing Adapter allows you to frame a cell of interest and reduce background fluorescence.  LEARN MORE

MyoPacer Cell Stimulator

The field stimulator is an important component of excitation-contraction studies to provide acute stimulation of cells. Use either the MyoPacer for simple stimulation protocols or the MyoPacer EP for advanced sequencing and arrhythmic stimulation.  LEARN MORE

FHD Chamber

Cells must be maintained in an appropriate chamber environment during experiments. The FHD Chamber and the C-Stim Chamber allow for stimulation and perfusion of cells during your studies, while the Cell Microcontrols MTCII adds precise temperature control of the chamber bath.  LEARN MORE

IonOptix Fluorescence System Interface

The FSI ties the Calcium and Contractility system components together by communicating between hardware and the computer, allowing for synchronous control of contractility and/or calcium measurements as well as inputs and outputs for external devices.  LEARN MORE


Calcium and Contractility System’s IonWizard integrates the presentation of fluorescence traces and images, analog voltages, and cell length data under an intuitive interface. It analyzes raw data by performing ratio, ion, or linear calibration calculations.

Fluorescence calculations include a comprehensive selection of background subtraction techniques. Specialized functions such as trace averaging, composite images, and transient analysis eliminate common extra work.

Clipboarding and exporting of trace and image data eases integration with other programs. Extensive use of individual user templates and context-sensitive online help increases productivity.

Intact Muscle Chamber System


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