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IonOptix Video: Comparison of Contractility Algorithms for Primary & Cultured Cardiomyocytes

Contractile performance in cardiomyocytes has long served as a key measure of cardiac response to compound treatment as well as genetic modification and pathophysiological conditions. IonOptix offers several contractility algorithms suited to different cardiomyocyte preparations. In this comparison video, we identify the appropriate algorithm to use for primary or cultured cells, as well as specific use cases for each. We also illustrate usage and best practices while describing some of each algorithm’s underlying technology. If you’re interested in more information, please contact us via our website, email us at info@ionoptix.com, or click the following links for our contractility systems…

MultiCell High Throughput System

Calcium and Contractility System

CytoMotion Lite System

For the specific sarcomere length algorithm application notes referenced in the video, click either of the following links…

SarcLen Algorithm

SarcLen & FFTs