The CyFlo software, when coupled with our custom CytoCypher perfusion system, gives users an easy-to-use and precise method of perfusion and compound delivery. In CyFlo, configure two independe in-flow pumps to deliver the number of solutions to the number of wells desired. An easy priming procedure ensures that only solution and not air is delivered to your sample. Choose to either add, remove, or perfuse with balanced flow a specified volume at a specified flow rate. And when you’re done with your experiments for the day, a step-by-step software wizard makes cleaning easy.


  • Priming and cleaning step-by-step wizards

  • Label inlet solutions with compound names for easy tracking

  • Configure each pump in-software for varying number of inlet solutions and sample wells

Note: This product is intended for research purposes only. It is not certified for clinical applications (including diagnostic purposes). Use of this product in uncertified applications is in violation of FDA regulations.

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