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  • Amsterdam

SHVM 2019 – Amsterdam, NL


IonOptix is excited to attend and support the 17th Annual Meeting of the Society for Heart and Vascular Metabolism (SHVM), being held June 23 - 26th in Amsterdam.

SHVM 2019 – Amsterdam, NL2019-08-22T09:22:45-05:00
  • Baltimore Convention Center

Biophysical Society 2019 – Baltimore


Visit the IonOptix Booth (#223) at the 63rd annual meeting of The Biophysical Society (BPS 2019) to connect with our applications team and discuss your research.

Biophysical Society 2019 – Baltimore2019-08-22T09:23:03-05:00
  • Isolated Myocytes

LIVE Techniques and Best Practices for Cardiomyocyte Isolation


Ronglih Liao and Davor Pavlovic discuss techniques for isolating myocytes using both traditional and Langendorff-free methodologies, including key considerations, best practices and how to achieve and confirm optimal myocyte quality.

LIVE Techniques and Best Practices for Cardiomyocyte Isolation2019-08-22T09:23:10-05:00
  • AHA Scientific Sessions 2018 - Chicago

AHA Scientific Sessions 2018 – Chicago


Visit the IonOptix Booth (#942) at American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions and see our newest products, including our improved MultiCell High Throughput Calcium & Contractility System with automatic cell finding!

AHA Scientific Sessions 2018 – Chicago2019-08-22T09:23:17-05:00
  • EuroPhysiology 2018 - QEII Centre - London

EuroPhysiology 2018 – London


Join us at the EuroPhysiology Conference in London. We’ll be exhibiting on Floor 3 of the QEII Centre, booth 6. Come see our new improved MultiCell High Throughput Calcium and Contractility System.

EuroPhysiology 2018 – London2019-08-22T09:23:23-05:00
  • EMC 2018 - Budapest, Hungary

EMC 2018 – Budapest


IonOptix will be attending the 47th European Muscle Conference in Budapest, Hungary. As part of this meeting we will be conducting two workshops, reviewing fundamental aspects of calcium and contractility measurements and discussing recent technology advancements from IonOptix.

EMC 2018 – Budapest2019-08-22T09:21:17-05:00
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