CytoSolver Virtual Demonstration and Workshop

Dr. Emmy Manders demonstrates CytoSolver’s utility and best practices; we’ll use existing data from our database and we’re happy to use yours as well.
This workshop is for existing CytoSolver users interested in learning about new features in CSx 3.0 and existing IonOptix system users interested in learning how CytoSolver improves upon IonWizard’s native transient analysis.

When is it… Friday, December 1st at 10 am CET.
Where… IonOptix is hosting on Zoom.
How to join… fill out the contact form below to register and we’ll send an invitation.

Note: this is the fourth and final in a series of demonstrations that we’re hosting, the second CytoSolver workshop hosted by our staff in Europe. This demo is intended for, but not restricted to, our European customers.

Registration form

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