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IonOptix Video Tutorials: Analyzing Unmarked Events

Typically data collected from an IonOptix system includes marks denoting stimulation events. These marks are used to determine when transient events occur and define time zero in IonWizard‘s analysis. However, when collecting from spontaneously contracting myocytes, such as neonatal or iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes, or when the stimulator isn’t appropriately connected, there are no marks. In this video we demonstrate how to analyze these unmarked events, including both manual and semi-automatic transient determination.

For basic analysis instruction, please see our IonWizard Data Analysis video tutorial. For a step-by-step written tutorial of the basic analysis, see our Transient Analysis Tutor.

For more information on the resulting analysis, see the Transient Analysis Features.

The data shown in the video was collected on an IonOptix Calcium and Contractility System.