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Understanding Advanced Cardiac Tissue Slice Applications

Drs. Bradley Palmer, Matthew Caporizzo, and Benjamin Lee share how the IonOptix Cardiac Slice System can be used to complement and improve upon traditional cardiac investigations.

Cardiac slices better preserve the structure, function, and biochemical properties of the in situ heart when compared to other model systems, including isolated cardiac myocytes and other intact tissue preparations, while allowing for a wider range of experimentation than whole heart. Additionally, cardiac slices can be prepared from both animal and human tissue, suggesting that data will translate better from the bench to the clinic.

In this webinar, the speakers build off the previous IonOptix webinar introducing the cardiac slice preparation to explore specific applications that are well-suited to cardiac slices and the IonOptix Cardiac Slice System. Specifically, Dr. Palmer shows investigations utilizing cardiac slices to highlight the effect of myosin ATPase inhibition on the Frank-Starling relationship, and Dr. Caporizzo demonstrates the relationship between microtubule network remodeling and diastolic stiffness/dysfunction. Additionally, Dr. Lee demonstrates explores engineered heart tissue as an alternative to the cardiac slice preparation.