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How To Upgrade To A New Version Of IW6

These documents explains how to upgrade from an existing version to a newer version of IonWizard 6.  If you are upgrading to revision 6.1.0 or older, choose the document labeled “old”.  If you are upgrading the software on a system that uses a TIS camera (typically vessel systems) from a 6.0.x or 6.1.x revision to 6.2.x or later, choose the document with the words “TIS Support” in the file name.  Most upgrades will be to the latest version of the software.  Choose the doc with “new” in the file name for that guide.  Please keep in mind that revisions of the software from 6.2.1 on will require a license key.  Feel free to contact us for the key if your original software was revision 6.2.0 or older.  Also, please delete any shortcuts to the software if updating from a pre-msi version (6.1.0 or older) to an msi version.