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Cardiac Tissue Slices: Preparation, Data Acquisition, and Analysis

Dr. Bradley Palmer demonstrates the challenging preparation of cardiac tissue slices and measurement of force and calcium.

Unlike isolated cardiomyocytes, cardiac tissue slices better preserve the native myocardial tissue, including both fibroblasts and myocytes. And unlike whole heart studies, slices are better suited for acquisition of functional parameters like calcium transients. Unlike both models, however, cardiac slices have not been widely utilized and their preparation remains a significant challenge for many labs. In this webinar, Dr. Bradley Palmer shows how to successfully prepare cardiac slices for measurements of force and calcium, as well as work loops and stress and strain. Data analysis and interpretation will also be demonstrated.

Key Topics Include:

  • How to successfully prepare cardiac slices
  • What types of data can be acquired from cardiac slices
  • How to analyze and interpret data from cardiac slices

The cardiac slice preparation technique has been recently championed by Professor Cesare Terracciano (Imperial College London) and his laboratory, including Dr. Fotios Pitoulis. We would like to acknowledge and thank them for their assistance with the tissue preparation.