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35mm Microscope Chamber System


35 mm Microscope Chamber System The 35 mm Microscope Chamber System is a newly designed chamber system to perfuse and stimulate cardiac myocytes that are studied on the microscope. The 35 mm chamber system uses simple disposable 35 mm tissue dishes making it ideal for cultured cells. A key design feature, this chamber uses magnets to close the chamber… simply insert the dish and close the chamber’s lid. [...]

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  • 24w electrode assembly



C-Dish The patented* C-Dish™ works with the C-Pace EM chronic cell stimulator to form a complete system for the chronic stimulation of bulk-quantities of cardiac myocytes (and other excitable cells) in culture. The C-Dish™ is a simple, 2-piece assembly that precisely places carbon electrode elements in a variety of standard culture plates. A ribbon cable connector provides access to the field stimulating electrodes. [...]

  • IonOptix C-Pace EM

C-Pace EM


C-Pace EM The C-Pace EM is a multi-mode, multi-channel stimulator designed to drive both chronic stimulation and  mechanical stretch of bulk quantities of cells in culture incubators. The C-Pace EM model provides all the various electrophysiology features such as constant variation in frequency, insertion of periodic off beats and programmable frequency changes that were available in the earlier C-Pace EP.  Additionally, the EM version allows control of C-Stretch electromechanical stimulation units [...]

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  • C-Stim CMC Microscope Chamber

C-Stim CMC Microscope Chamber System


C-Stim CMC Microscope Chamber System The C-Stim from Cell MicroControls (CMC) is a superfusion chamber system for microscopy studies. It incorporates several substantial improvements over existing chamber designs. The central innovation is the C-Stim’s reusable chamber insert. Its coverslip bottom is glued in place, which nearly eliminates solution leakage into the scope. The insert is autoclavable so cells can be cultured directly in it. The chamber holder is designed [...]

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  • IonOptix C-Stretc



C-Stretch Interested in studing the effects of mechanical conditioning and electrical pacing on developing tissue? IonOptix culture pacing systems can now be equipped with our patented* C-Stretch, allowing simultaneous electrical and mechanical stimulation of stem cell-derived myocytes in culture. Normal cardiac tissue develops from immature cells grown under mechanical load and electrical activity. Grow your cells under physiologic conditions with our C-Stretch, the first commercial system to offer both electromechanical cues simultaneously! [...]

  • IonOptix Cell Framing Adapter

Cell Framing Adapter


Cell Framing Adapter The Cell Framing Adapter is used to simplify and optimize cell fluorescence recording using a PMT.  An adjustable iris is used to frame a rectangular area of the microscope field of view maximizing selected cell fluorescence while masking background signal.  A CCD camera shows you the actual image that the PMT will record.  The dichroic reflects the fluorescence emission band to the PMT adapter.  [...]

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  • Cell Microcontrols mTCII Temperature Controller & Heater

Cell Microcontrols mTCII Temperature Controller & Heater


mTCII Temperature Controller & Heater The mTCII micro-Temperature Controller is a versatile 2 channel temperature controller powerful enough to heat small tissue baths, microscope stages, small animal heaters etc. but also able to control miniature heating devices like the included HPRE2. The mTCII uses state-of-the-art microcontrollers to provide a flexible instrument rather than a modular PID design where there is no control over the user interface and instrument function. [...]

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  • IonOptix Perfusion System

CytoCypher Perfusion System


CytoCypher Perfusion System Our high throughput MultiCell system enables testing for many compounds on your myocytes. This requires adding compounds without disturbing the cells. For this purpose, IonOptix in partnership with CytoCypher developed a pump system that can address multiple wells individually and provide precise flow rates (0.1-20 ml/minutes) and laminar flow. Features and Specifications Three Pumps, two for adding solutions to the well, one to [...]

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SPC Microscope Chamber System


SPC Microscope Chamber System The SPC Microscope Chamber System is a newly designed chamber system to perfuse and stimulate cardiac myocytes that are studied on the microscope. The SPC chamber system uses simple disposable 25mm coverslips making it ideal for use with both freshly isolated and cultured cells. A key design feature, this chamber uses a silicone insert to seal the chamber… no messy grease, no sticky epoxies. [...]

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  • IonOptix Fluorescence System Interface

Fluorescence System Interface


Fluorescence System Interface The IonOptix Fluorescence System Interface, model FSI-800, provides all the standard non-video input, output and device control hardware needed for typical single-excitation, single-emission, dual-excitation and/or dual-emission fluorescence systems. The FSI may be combined with a variety of IonOptix components to create the specific combination of system capabilities that your experiments require. The FSI may be connected to external devices using the four analog inputs, the [...]

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