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  • IonOptix HyperSwitch

HyperSwitch Light Source


HyperSwitch Light Source In cases where highest time resolution is essential, the IonOptix HyperSwitch Light Source is recommended. Wavelength switching is accomplished in less than 1msec and can be continuously alternated at rates as high as 250 pairs/sec. The HyperSwitch can also produce hardware video-locked wavelength switching. This figure illustrates the optical path and components of the IonOptix HyperSwitch Dual Excitation Light Source. The light output of a [...]

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  • LED light source

LED Light Source


LED Light Source Recent advances in light emitting diodes have led to a number or previously unavailable wavelengths, including higher energy UV LEDs for Fura-2 illumination. We're proud to offer advanced LEDs offering excitation light for most common fluorophores. These LEDs feature closed-loop feedback control for stable intensity as well as protective overload circuitry to prevent LED damage. Wavelength switching is practically instantaneous and can be continuously alternated [...]

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  • IonOptix MuStep Light Source

µStep Light Source


µStep Light Source The IonOptix µStep (muStep) Light Source is an economical and optically more efficient alternative to the HyperSwitch system. The µStep light source provides a technique that allows pseudo-ratio sampling rates of 1000 Hz for PMT systems and 60 Hz for video imaging systems over short periods of time (see application note: Interpolated Numerator Method). Thus, for experimental protocols that require intermittent data sampling at the [...]

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