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  • Programmed Length Changes w Force

Advanced Signal Generator


IonOptix has expanded the functionality of its IonWizard core acquisition software to include increased hardware control as well as a new software module that improves the breadth of the MyoStretcher myocyte stretch and force measurement system, an integrated, full featured system that enables scientists to investigate muscle mechanics at the single cell level while synchronously recording quantitative fluorescence and sarcomere length. The MyoStretcher has been engineered to attach single myocytes and [...]

Advanced Signal Generator2019-11-09T21:01:46-05:00

Automatic Cell Finder


The MultiCell Automated Cell Finder enables users to load a sample, walk away, and come back to as many as hundreds of measured cells. In addition to ease of use, Automated Cell Finder eliminates human bias in cell selection. Specify the following criteria for cell selection: Cell area and aspect ratio Distance between cells Motion pattern when scanning for cells Cell motion detection The software will scan the field [...]

Automatic Cell Finder2019-11-09T21:07:29-05:00
  • IonOptix C-Pace Navigator Window

C-Pace Navigator


The new C-Pace Navigator software allows users to operate both the C-Dish and C-Stretch with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to customize stretch and stimulation protocols. Simple adjustments of both stretch and electrical parameters for each channel Pre-defined basic protocols for simple pacing procedures Adjustable trapezoidal waveform with expansion, hold, and contraction phases Save and re-load stretch and stimulation protocols [...]

C-Pace Navigator2019-11-09T21:09:06-05:00
  • CyFlo Software

CyFlo Perfusion Pump Control


The CyFlo software, when coupled with our custom CytoCypher perfusion system, gives users an easy-to-use and precise method of perfusion and compound delivery. In CyFlo, configure two independe in-flow pumps to deliver the number of solutions to the number of wells desired. An easy priming procedure ensures that only solution and not air is delivered to your sample. Choose to either add, remove, or perfuse with balanced flow a [...]

CyFlo Perfusion Pump Control2019-11-12T12:38:09-05:00

CytoSolver Transient Analysis Tool


CytoSolver accompanies the high throughput data acquisition of MultiCell with corresponding fast and automatic data analysis. Analyze batches of data in seconds by simply uploading files and letting CytoSolver take care of automatic transient rejection, data averaging, and curve fitting. Customize rejection parameters to suit your specific research question. Also available as a cloud-based platform. Learn More Features [...]

CytoSolver Transient Analysis Tool2019-11-09T21:11:40-05:00

FloAcq Vessel Flow Characteristics Module


IonOptix’ FloAcq acquisition and recording module provides real-time indicators of arterial flow dynamics. The endothelial response to flow-induced stress (e.g., the generation and secretion of nitric oxide) is an important modulator of vascular tone and function, linking vasodilation and constriction to the dynamics of fluid flow. IonWizard’s FloAcq acquisition module is the first to perform real-time calculations of important indicators of arterial flow, including shear stress. By acquiring the [...]

FloAcq Vessel Flow Characteristics Module2019-11-09T22:09:35-05:00

MultiAcq Calcium & Contractility Acquisition Module


MultiAcq gives you the speed and ease of microscope control needed to achieve high throughput in your experiments. With this new interface, you can: Focus on your sample, either manually or automatically Quickly move around the dish using buttons or keyboard shortcuts for maximum speed Digitally rotate, saving time and effort Mark cell position and rotation for repeated measurements [...]

MultiAcq Calcium & Contractility Acquisition Module2019-11-09T21:18:11-05:00

IonWizard – Core and Analysis


IonWizard integrates the presentation of fluorescence traces and images, analog voltages, and cell length data under an intuitive interface. It analyzes raw data by performing ratio, ion, or linear calibration calculations. Fluorescence calculations include a comprehensive selection of background subtraction techniques.  Specialized functions such as trace averaging, composite images, and transient analysis eliminate common extra work. Clipboarding and exporting of trace and image data eases integration with other programs. [...]

IonWizard – Core and Analysis2019-11-09T21:20:11-05:00

MultiClamp / Work Loops Module


The cardiac work cycle consists of four well-defined isometric and isotonic phases. The IonOptix MultiClamp software enables fast feedback control of pre- and after-load force levels. Together with the IonOptix MyoStretcher OptiForce force transducer and fast piezo motor, we can modulate the force development by rapidly changing the length of the myocyte in response to changing force load. By clamping the diastolic and systolic force levels (pre- and after-load), [...]

MultiClamp / Work Loops Module2019-11-09T21:25:18-05:00

PMTAcq Fluorescence Photometry Acquisition Module


The PMT Acquisition Add-on module (PMTAcq) extends the IonWizard module into a full-featured ratiometric PMT acquisition system while allowing access to the analysis features of IonWizard during data collection. PMTAcq integrates seamlessly with the IonOptix PMT Sub-System to provide a coherent photometry solution. It provides integrated support for continuous ratiometric sampling using any IonOptix dual-excitation light source (HyperSwitch or µStep). PMTAcq displays raw and background-subtracted counts. For single wavelength [...]

PMTAcq Fluorescence Photometry Acquisition Module2019-11-12T12:39:10-05:00
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