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  • IonOptix Cell Framing Adapter

Cell Framing Adapter


Cell Framing Adapter The Cell Framing Adapter is used to simplify and optimize cell fluorescence recording using a PMT.  An adjustable iris is used to frame a rectangular area of the microscope field of view maximizing selected cell fluorescence while masking background signal.  A CCD camera shows you the actual image that the PMT will record.  The dichroic reflects the fluorescence emission band to the PMT adapter.  [...]

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  • IonOptix MyoCam-S3



MyoCam-S3: High-Speed Contractility Camera The IonOptix MyoCam-S3™ is our third generation MyoCam. Featuring a faster, higher resolution CMOS sensor, it is uniquely designed for use with IonOptix Contractility Systems where high frame rates and sub-micron resolution are required to capture myocyte shortening. The MyoCam-S3™ is an all-digital, variable field rate camera that utilizes the USB3 Vision standard for higher data transfer rates over its USB2 predecessor while retaining [...]

  • IonOptix OptiForce



Optical Force Transducer Designed as a core part of our MyoStretecher system, the IonOptix OptiForce is a revolutionary optical fiber interferometry-based force transducer specially designed to detect the nanoscopic forces from single isolated cardiac cells.  It offers two major advantages over existing technologies: sensitivity and speed, with detection limits down in the low nanoNewtons and a frequency response above 3kHz. How it [...]

  • IonOptix Photomultiplier Tube

PMT Sub-System


PMT Sub-System The new PMT400 sub-system offers true photon counting using an end-on bialkali PMT tube with integrated high-voltage power supply and amplifier discriminator. This combined package increases reliability and decreases cost. The PMT400 is directly powered and controlled by the IonOptix model FSI700 Fluorescence System Interface under software control. PMT recording occurs at rates as high as 1000Hz through IonWizard and PMTACQ, our PMT module add-on. For stand-alone applications, a separate [...]

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  • IonOptix VesCam



Vessel Dimensioning Camera The IonOptix VesCam is a high performance yet economical solution for visualizing vessels.  It’s an all-digital camera that utilizes the USB 2.0 standard to remove the restrictions of analog video formats and frame grabbers.  The camera utilizes a monochromatic Sony CCD progressive scanning sensor.  Exposure times and contrast levels are adjustable to maximize the contrast of vessel features.  In addition to support within IonWizard, the [...]

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